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Valiza troller 34x55x20cm nou nefolosit

SUITCASE This Is Me is a method patented in 27 countries for a suitcase ideally suited to your needs and preferences. Light as a feather, durable and solid, and at the same time one of a kind - just like you! Do you dream of a suitcase with a picture of your own design? Nothing easier! With a photo of your beloved Disney, Marvel or Star Wars hero? Pretty please! You don't have an idea yet, but you don't want to ever look for your suitcase among many similar ones? Browse through our suggestions for themes, you will definitely choose something for yourself. No more waiting weeks for personalization - your This Is Me suitcase will be ready in 6 business days. And it will stay with you for years. Pret magazin 600 pln = 630 lei se vinde cu 300 lei pret fix.
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